Mobile Applications

With 85% of the adult population of Britain owning a mobile, while four out of five children own a phone by the time they are 11, there are actually more mobile phones in use then there are people, as some people own more then 1!

Mobile technology has therefore become a huge part of today's world and it is essential for every organization to invest in the mobile space so they can capture as big an audience as possible and stay ahead of the competition.

Android Mobile Platform

The Android platform, as well as its many devices, is one of the most popular in the marketplace. We provide a professional approach to Android app development, ensuring extremely detailed, quality apps that are able to run on any Android device.

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Mobile Websites / Applications

We can provide low-cost, web based mobile applications or full blown applications depending on your requirements. By using HTTP/JavaScrip based mobile frameworks, we are able to quickly construct cross-platform mobile applications that work on nearly all modern day smartphones. There are however restrictions to developing mobile applications this way, mainly performance and limitations of the SDK itself.

If you require a mobile application that has blisteringly fast performance, a complex interface that does more than could be expected in web page, then a real, device dependant application is the way to go. We offer both types of applications to suite your requirements and budget.

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