Open Source

Open source gives you access to high quality software without the price tags of their commercial counterparts. We can help your organisation more forward in today’s market. For years we have been helping our clients plan, deploy and maintain quality free / open source software solutions.

The open-source model has a lot to offer the business world. It's a way to build open standards as actual software, rather than paper documents. It's a way that many companies and individuals can collaborate on a product that none of them could achieve alone. It's the rapid bug-fixes and the changes that the user asks for, done to the user's own schedule.

The open-source model also means increased security; because code is in the public view it will be exposed to extreme scrutiny, with problems being found and fixed instead of being kept secret until the wrong person discovers them. And last but not least, it's a way that the little guys can get together and have a good chance at beating a monopoly.

Of all these benefits, the most fundamental is increased reliability. And if that's too abstract for you, you should think about how closed sources made the Year 2000 problem worse and why they might have very well killed your business.

Open source software packages cover every aspect of your business and personal life. There's applications to browse the web, read your email, write documents and spreadsheets, manage website content, sell online (the list goes on...). Become part of the open source movement today to get where you need to be tomorrow.

Available solutions

We can recommend what technologies will best suite your business and implement a custom solution designed to fit your current workflow and if needed, integrate with your existing commercial systems.

We only use the best open source products from a shortlist of tried, tested and proven technologies meaning you get the greatest solutions to fit your needs.

Below is a summary of some of the solutions we deploy:

Desktop Business Applications

  • Pentaho Business Intelligence / ETL Data Transformation
  • OpenERP / ADempiere Enterprise Resource Planning
  • LibreOffice / Office Applications
  • Mozilla Firefox Web-browser
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

Server and Workstation Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu / Kubuntu Desktop
  • Ubuntu Server
  • CentOS / RedHat Enterprise
  • ClearOS Small Business Server
  • Virtualbox Operating System Virtualization